Lambasingi is an Telugu movie, with stars Jay Bharat Raj and Divi Wadhty who was a contestant in reality show Bigg Boss. The story takes place in a rural village of Lambasinghi. The film is about a non-Lambasinghi boy who falls in love with a resident girl. It follows their love story and relationship.


Movie Lambasingi
Release Date15 March, 2024
Language Telugu
StarringBharath Raj, Divi Vadthya, Vamsi Raj, Kittayya, Nikhil Raj, Janardhan, Anuradha, Madhavi, Naveenraj Sankarapu, Pramod, Ramana, Paramesh, Sandhya
DirectorNaveen Gandhi
ProducersAnand Tanniru
Music DirectorRR Dhruvan
CinematographerK Bujji
EditorK Vijay Vardhan
Production companyConcept Films


Veera Babu (played by Bharat Raja) is a new cop sent on his first assignment in Lambsinghi, a rural area in Andhra Pradesh. While there, he falls in love with a woman named Harith (played by Divivadthya). But trouble starts when a local politician is killed by Naxal insurgents.

The deeper Veerababu investigates, the more he realizes that Hari has an ancient and hidden identity. He begins to wonder if he was involved in the politician’s murder. The film shows what Veera Babu does next as he reveals all the details of Harita’s past and the murder mystery.


Technical Aspects

The idea behind the film’s story is feasible, but the storytelling was very poor. If the film (the script) had been improved and improved, it could have made it much better.

The music behind the film was both forgettable and unforgettable. Kay Buzzi’s cinematography (camera work and scenery) didn’t capture the beautiful scenery as well as it should have. Still, the editing of the film was acceptable.

In terms of both qualitative and technical features, the production values ​​were satisfactory. However, there is room for improvement in many areas such as writing, music and visuals to make the film more impactful.


Overall, Lambasingi is no different from many other similar films. Though lead actors Jay Bharat Raj and Divi Vathi gave decent performances, and had a few catchy songs, the film has several problems:

  • It’s not very original or unique in the story.
  • The narrative is inconsistent, and sometimes difficult.
  • The characters are not developed in a deep or compelling way.

While there are a few positives, the negatives outweigh them. It is strongly recommended that people looking for a truly enjoyable cinematic experience explore other film options instead of watching Lambasingi. The film doesn’t offer enough new material, a clear plot, or interesting characters to make it a must-see.



What is the release date of the Lambasingi movie ?

The movie was released on 15 March 2024.

Who directed Lambasingi movie ?

The movie directed by Naveen Gandhi

Who are the main actors in Lambasingi ?

‘Lambasingi’ star cast includes Bharath Raj, Divi Vadthya, Vamsi Raj, Kittayya, Nikhil Raj, Janardhan, Anuradha, Madhavi, Naveenraj Sankarapu, Pramod, Ramana, Paramesh and Sandhya.

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