Ananya Nagalla is back to playing the lead role in new Telugu movie Tantra. The horror film and directed by Srinivas Gopisetti. The film also marks the comeback of actress Saloni. The actress Ananya Nagalla appearing in films like Shaakuntalam, Vakeel Saab, and Mallesham.


Release Date15 March 2024
Star CastAnanya Nagalla, Dhanush Raghumudri, Saloni, Temper Vamsi, Meesala Lakshman, Kushalini, Manoj Muthyam
DirectorSrinivas Gopisetti
MusicRR Dhruvan
ProducerNaresh Babu P, Ravi Chaitanya
EditorSB Uddhav
WriterGanganamoni Shekar
CinematographerSai Ram Uday, Vijay Bhaskar Uddala
Production Company


Rekha (played by Ananya Nagallana) is an innocent young girl who is constantly surrounded by ghosts that scare her and cause her great distress. Teju (played by Dhanush Radhu Mudri) has been in love with Rekha since childhood. However, since Teju’s mother was a prostitute, she faces abuse from others. Even so, the love between Rekha and Teju grows with time.

The film explores why these ghosts torment Rekha. Rekha is also seen drinking her own blood, which is a very strange behavior. The main mystery is what Rekha has done or needs to do to find her true love and find inner peace. The film is about Tantra which depicts some of the spiritual traditions and rituals practiced in various Indian religions. The Tantric themes and rituals depicted reveal the complex atmosphere of the line.


Technical Aspects

The technical aspects of the system are reasonably good. The cameras do a decent job of capturing and reflecting the technological culture depicted in the film.

The music composed by RR Dhruvan is rather mundane for the songs, but its background music is decent. However, because of the depth of the lyrics themselves, the musicians couldn’t do much more either.

While the writing seems strong on paper, the actual execution comes across as silly and boring. The production design was OK and the dialogues were written. However, changes made in the last half could have been much better to improve the audience.


Overall, Tantra is a horror revenge drama film that brings nothing fresh or new to the table. Only a few scenes and emotional moments are appropriate. However, the film has major flaws such as slow pacing, too many subplots packed in, poor cinematography, and a lack of stimulating elements in the second half Although the original concept powerful, but the way it was portrayed in the film made it a disappointing experience.

Despite the interesting premise, things like slow pacing, too many multi-dimensional plots, poor writing and uninteresting sequels were major drawbacks When it seemed that mind especially behind the instrumental makes the promise, the poor execution made the film bland and unappealing to the audience.



What is the release date of the Tantra movie?

The movie was released on 15 March 2024.

Who directed Tantra movie?

The movie directed by Srinivas Gopisetti.

Who are the main actors in Tantra?

‘Tantra’ star cast includes Ananya Nagalla, Dhanush Raghumudri, Saloni, Temper Vamsi, Meesala Lakshman, Kushalini and Manoj Muthyam.

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