Jai Bhim

The “Jai Bhim” is a new telugu movie released in theater on November 2,2021. Suriya is doing some crazy content-based films in his career. Here we’re going to talk about the important parts of this movie includes the story/plot, release date, trailer, where to watch and the talented cast in it. Read our review to know how the film fares.

Jai Bhim Telugu movies watch online


  • Movie Name: Jai Bhim /Jai Bheem
  • Release Date : November 2,2021
  • Starring: Suriya, Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, Lijomol Jose, Rao Ramesh
  • Director: T. J. Gnanavel
  • Producers: Suriya, Jyothika
  • Music Director: Sean Roldan
  • Editor: Philomin Raj


The story is based on the story of a tribesman couple Rajanna(Manikandan) as well as Chinnatalli(Lijomal Jose). A robbery occurs in the house of a wealthy person and, left with no other choice when the police arrest Rajanna along with his wife. Things get very serious after a few minutes when Rajanna disappears from jail. A distraught Chinnatalli seeks out a genuine attorney Chandru(Suriya) in order to benefit her with the case. The way Chandru gets her hands dirty and resolving the case is the main story.

Technical Aspects

The quality of the production are extremely real. The courtroom in its entirety is set in Chennai and it’s stunning. The camera work and the way in which the tribespeople are portrayed are very impressive. Music and BGM composed by Sean Roldan are truly fantastic. Telugu Dubbing too is quite good.

In the case of director Gynanavel the director has done an incredible job with this film. The film is based on the true story that of lawyer Chandru and puts some the perfect instances on the screen. The manner in which he adapts his screenplay and delivers a gripping narrative is the main point. The film illustrates how lower castes are hidden and keeps the audience in suspense. The agony that the tribal couple endures is shown in a witty way.


In the end, Jai Bhim is yet another gilded eagle in Suriya’s crown. It’s uncompromising, intense and full of riveting courtroom scenes. While it takes a bit to immerse yourself into the storyline and doesn’t have any commercial aspect, it is packed with suitable tension to keep your attention till the final. A serious film that is an ideal OTT watch.



What is the release date of Jai Bhim movie?

The movie was released on November 2, 2021.

Who directed the Jai Bhim movie?

The movie is directed by T. J. Gnanavel.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Jai Bhim?

‘Jai Bhim’ main actors includes Suriya, Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, Lijomol Jose, Rao Ramesh.

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