Sharathulu Varthisthai

The “Sharathulu Varthisthai” is a new telugu movie released in theater on March 15, 2024. A small-budget film directed by Kumara Swamy. Here we’re going to talk about the important parts of this movie includes the story/plot, release date, trailer, where to watch and the talented cast in it. Read our review to know how the film fares.

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  • Movie Name : Sharathulu Varthisthai
  • Release Date : March 15, 2024
  • Starring: Chaitanya Rao, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Venky Monkey, Santosh Yadav, Devaraj Palamuru, and others
  • Director: Kumara Swamy
  • Producers: Sreelatha – Nagarjun Samala, Sharadha – Sreesh Kumar Gunda, Vijaya – Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu
  • Music Director: Arun Chiluveru
  • Cinematographer: Praveen Vanamali, Shekar Pochampally
  • Editor: Ch. Vamsi Krishna, Gajjala Rakshith Kumar


Chiranjeevi (Chaitanya Rao) is employed in an office of the government, and has to work in order to survive. Chiranjeevi takes charge of his mother and two brothers. He has a long-term relationship Vijayashanthi (Bhoomi Shetty) whom he has relied on as his back-up system since his childhood. A financial swindle has affected his life. What’s the problem? How did Chiranjeevi handle the issue? This is the subject of Sharathulu Varthisthai is all about.

Technical Aspects

Arun Chiluveru’s music is decent. The cinematography of Praveen Vanamali, and Shekar Pochampally is beautiful and the production quality is acceptable. The editing isn’t great because the film requires some trimming.

Director Kumara Swamy’s desire to focus on providing the public with information about frauds in finance is admirable however, he was unable to tell the story of the film in a compelling way. It’s not suitable if the film conveys a clear message. It must also be engaging. There are a lot of dull and boring scenes that hinder the film’s hugely.


The Sharathulu Varthisthai is a movie targeted at middle-class individuals, but the approach is dull for the most part. The film focuses on multi-level marketing frauds that could make people smile however the script isn’t compelling satisfying to keep our focus. Chaitanya Rao as well as Bhoomi Shetty do a great job in their roles. And the first half contains some good moments. However, the second part is boring with repetitive scenes. Thus, Sharathulu Varthisthai ends up being a disappointment to watch.



What is the release date of the Sharathulu Varthisthai movie?

The movie was released on March 15, 2024

Who directed the Sharathulu Varthisthai movie?

The movie is directed by Kumara Swamy

Who are the main actors in the movie of Sharathulu Varthisthai ?

‘Sharathulu Varthisthai’ main actors includes Chaitanya Rao, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Venky Monkey, Santosh Yadav, Devaraj Palamuru,

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