Yendira Ee Panchayithi

Yendira Ee Panchayithi is an interesting romantic movie set in the peaceful and beautiful countryside. Bharat and Vishika Laxman play the main couple in the movie, making them an appealing pair of lead characters. This adds quality and appeal to the film’s story. The movie is produced by Pradeep Kumar M of Prabhat Creations company. Gangadhara directed this movie for the first time.


MovieYendira Ee Panchayithi
Release Date6 October 2023
Star CastVishika Laxman, Kasi Vishwanath, Thotapalli Madhu
GenresDrama, Thriller
DirectorGangadhar T
ProducerMaladoddi Pradeep Kumar
MusicPeddapalli Rohith
WriterPriyanka Aerukala, Gangadhara T, Venkat Palwai


Yendira Ee Panchayithi has been building excitement since its first public showing. This is because of the appealing songs, previews, and trailers that have already been released for audiences to see. Audiences are eager to experience the full movie story. The excitement has grown even more recently because the movie passed the censorship review with high marks. It received a U/A certificate, meaning it is suitable for most audiences. This success has led to more anticipation for the movie’s nationwide release in theaters.

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The movie will be released in theaters on October 6, 2023. It promises to delight audiences by blending romance and rural life in a way that touches people’s hearts.

The movie has an excellent ensemble cast including Kashi Vishwanath, Totapalli Madhu, Ravi Varma, Prem Sagar, Sameer Vijay and Teja from Chittoor. Each actor plays an important role that brings the story to life. Their performances add depth and authenticity to their characters and the interactions between them.



What is the release date of the Yendira Ee Panchayithi movie?

The movie was released on 6 October 2023.

Who directed the Yendira Ee Panchayithi movie?

The movie is directed by Gangadhar T.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Yendira Ee Panchayithi?

‘Yendira Ee Panchayithi’ main actors includes Vishika Laxman, Kasi Vishwanath, Thotapalli Madhu

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