Slum Dog Husband

Slum Dog Husband is comedy movie was made by Mic Movies and people all over the world enjoyed watching it and laughing.

A.R. Sreedhar wrote and also directed the film. The producers Appi Reddy and Venkat Annapareddy made sure the movie was produced perfectly, so audiences could laugh a lot and be entertained while watching.

The beautiful music by Bheems Ceciroleo brought the movie’s story to life and made each scene more emotional and vibrant. The great editing by Vaishnav Vasu kept viewers interested and engaged throughout all the laughter and drama.

The cinematographer J Srinivas Reddy did an excellent job filming and capturing the slum life and people living there.

The actors Sanjay Rao and Pranavi Manukonda played a boy and girl living in the slums very well. They were supported by a funny cast including Chammak Chandra, Sapthagiri, Brahmaji, Muralidhar Goud, Raghu Karum, Jayavani, Duvvasi Mohan, Venu Polasani and Sharadha who all made the movie charming and comedic.


MovieSlum Dog Husband
Release Date29 July 2023
Star CastSanjay Rao, Raghu Karumanchi, Saptagiri, Pranavi Manukonda, Brahmaji, Yadamma Raju
DirectorA. R. Sreedhar
ProducerAppi Reddy
WriterA. R. Sreedhar
CinematographySrinivas J Reddy
MusicBheems Ceciroleo
Production companyMic Movies


The film is about a funny and unusual situation. People who love each other want to get married. But according to astrology and their horoscopes, a man should marry a dog before marrying his girlfriend! This leads them on their comedic adventures with many unexpected events.

Then something shocking happens – someone takes the man to court, saying he can’t marry again when his first “wife” is alive yesterday! This bizarre scene makes the audience laugh a lot.

The film looks at the man’s unique dilemma of figuring out how to give up a dog so he can marry the woman he truly loves. Viewers will love to see the hilarious way she ends her marriage with the dog. It promises to be an exciting journey filled with hilarious moments and witty dialogue that will have the audience laughing from start to finish.

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The 2-minute trailer shows that Sanjay Rao, work hard on their male character. He delivers his funny lines very well and acts in an expressive and memorable way. His great comic timing makes a big impression on viewers.

Pranavi Manukonda, who plays the leading lady opposite him, also shows a lot of charm and skill in her role. She was good on TV shows before, but she really shines in this film with an outstanding performance that will make people across India like her.

Slum Dog Husband looks like it will be a very interesting and enjoyable movie experience. The beautiful songs enhance the storyline and make the audience feel emotions that add to their enjoyment. Just from the short 2-minute trailer, it is clear this movie will keep making audiences laugh all the way through.

Slum Dog Husband is a must-see for anyone who loves comedy movies. With its original story, great performances, and lots of laughs, it guarantees a memorable experience for all kinds of audience members. Additionally, its fresh approach and talented lead actors will likely leave people smiling after they leave the theater.



What is the release date of the Slum Dog Husband movie?

The movie was released on 29 July 2023.

Who directed the Slum Dog Husband movie?

The movie is directed by A. R. Sreedhar.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Slum Dog Husband ?

‘Slum Dog Husband’ main actors includes Sanjay Rao, Raghu Karumanchi, Saptagiri, Pranavi Manukonda, Brahmaji, Yadamma Raju.

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