Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203

“Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203” is a much awaited upcoming movie. The film is scheduled to release on February 2, 2024. You must watch this film as it is directed by Ashwin Tripathi and has a great cast: Subhasis Sharma, Deepanwit Dashamohapatra and Ragini Sutradhar. With excellent acting skills, the story will be brought to life.

This film seems to be exploring different themes than we normally see in film. For a film to be successful, it is important that everyone involved, the cast and crew, work together effectively. These actors bring their own unique talents, which makes the film truly unique.

You can tell from the title that the film is going to be interesting, although not much is known about it yet. The film seems to be about the lives of the people living in the apartment building – which might seem boring at first. But when the residents of Flat no. 203 the stories and experiences, things are interesting.


MovieShanti Apartment Flat No. 203
Release Date2 February 2024
Star CastRaagini Sutradhar, Subhasis Sharma, Dipanwit Dashmohapatra
GenresCrime, Drama, Mystery
DirectorAswin Tripathy
ProducerVikram Shankar
CinematographerPratap Rout
WriterAswin Tripathy


Through his earlier works, Ashwin Tripathi proved himself to be a brilliant filmmaker. That is why this new film is also highly anticipated. He comes up with an interesting story and helps the actors deliver amazing performances that leave the audience in awe. He clearly knows how to tell a story, find characters and make great Odia films.

Odia cinema has always been known for its rich cultural heritage, and Shanti Apartment Flat no. 203 will contribute to this inheritance. In fact, watching this film will take the audience on a cinematic journey that reflects Odia culture – from the language to the native elements cleverly infused throughout the story. The director’s approach to storytelling, and the cultural authenticity the filmmakers bring, can be the bridge between entertainment and glorifying Odia heritage

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Living in an apartment building can often reflect what happens in society on a larger scale. This provides a relatable and intimate way for people to follow along with issues like conflicts between friends and other problems that get intensified when people live in close quarters like apartments. Audiences may find themselves identifying with the storylines and characters in this movie because of the realistic depiction of apartment living.



What is the release date of the Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203 movie?

The movie was released on on 2 February 2024.

Who directed the Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203 movie?

The movie is directed by Aswin Tripathy.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203?

‘Shanti Apartment Flat No. 203’ main actors includes Raagini Sutradhar, Subhasis Sharma, Dipanwit Dashmohapatra

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