Mercy Killing

“Mercy Killing” is a new Telugu movie coming out on April 12, 2024. Venkat Ramana S. is the director. The film is a drama that talks about important social issues. It has many good actors and mixes sad and serious moments with its story about society’s problems.


MovieMercy Killing
Release Date12 April 2024
Star CastParvateesam, Vullingala Aishwarya, Baby Harika, Sai Kumar, Surya Bhagavandas, Anand Chakrapani, Ramaraju
GenresAction, Drama, Romance
DirectorVenkatramana Surapalli
ProducerSiddarth Hariyala, Madhavi Thalabathula, Vedula Bala Kameswari
MusicML Raja
CinematographerAmar G.
WriterVenkatramana Surapalli
Production companySai Siddhartha Movie Makers


We don’t know all the details about the movie’s story yet. But based on its title, “Mercy Killing” will probably talk about euthanasia. Euthanasia means helping someone who is very sick to die peacefully. The movie might look at whether this is right or wrong, and how it connects to other problems in society. It will likely ask questions about when it might be okay to end someone’s life to stop their pain, and what makes those choices difficult.

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Movie Makers

  • Director: Venkat Ramana S. – He’s good at telling stories about society’s problems.
  • Producers: Siddhartha Hariyala and Madhavi Talabattula – They work for Sai Siddhartha Movie Makers, a company that makes thoughtful films.

Creative Team

  • Music: GM Raja – He made music to help tell the story and make people feel emotions.
  • Camera Work: Amar G – He tried to make the movie look special and different.
  • Editing: Kapil Balla – He put the movie scenes together.
  • Sound: ML Raja – He created the sounds you’ll hear in the movie.


  • Main Actors: Parvateesam, Sai Kumar, Ishwarya Vullingala, and Harika Pedada
  • Other Important Actors: Ramaraju, Surya, Anand Chakrapani, and more

The actors all play different roles that help tell the story. Some might play parts that make us think about how society works. The movie seems to have many characters to show different views on the main topic.


“Mercy Killing” might talk about laws, feelings, and how people think about euthanasia. This movie could be important in Indian cinema. It has a good team and talented actors who want to tell an interesting story and help people understand this difficult topic better. The movie isn’t just for fun – it wants to make people think about hard choices in real life. When people watch it, they might enjoy the story but also think deeply about tough questions. The filmmakers hope viewers will learn something new about this difficult subject while being entertained.



What is the release date of the Mercy Killing movie?

The movie was released on 12 April 2024.

Who directed the Mercy Killing movie?

The movie is directed by Venkatramana Surapalli.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Mercy Killing ?

‘Mercy Killing’ main actors includes Parvateesam, Vullingala Aishwarya, Baby Harika, Sai Kumar, Surya Bhagavandas, Anand Chakrapani, Ramaraju

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