Anyone but You

“Anyone but You” is a funny love story movie from 2023. It’s based on an old play by Shakespeare, but set in modern times. The movie stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. It’s about love, dating, and the funny problems that happen when people fall for each other. We’ll talk about the story, the people in it, what critics thought, and all the ups and downs in the movie.


MovieAnyone but You
Release Date19 January 2024
Star CastSydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp, GaTa, Hadley Robinson, Michelle Hurd, Dermot Mulroney, Darren Barnet, Bryan Brown, Rachel Griffiths
GenresComedy, Romantic
DirectorWill Gluck
ProducerWill Gluck, Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum
MusicEste Haim, Christopher Stracey
EditorTia Nolan, Kim Boritz-Brehm
Story byIlana Wolpert
Production CompaniesColumbia Pictures, SK Global, RK Films, Olive Bridge Entertainment
Distributed bySony Pictures Releasing


The movie is about Bea, who’s studying to be a lawyer in Boston. She meets Ben, who works at a big bank. They start spending a lot of time together and really like each other.

One day, they fall asleep on Ben’s couch after having a fun time together. But then something bad happens. Bea hears Ben saying mean things about her to his friend Pete. This ruins their happy time together.

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Cast and Crew

Sydney Sweeney plays Bea: Bea is a student learning to be a lawyer in Boston. Sydney Sweeney shows us how Bea grows as a person and learns about love.

Glen Powell plays Ben: Ben works at a big, fancy bank called Goldman Sachs. Glen Powell shows us that Ben’s job makes him successful, but also makes it hard for him to open up and take chances in love.

Box Office Collection

Even though movie critics didn’t like “Anyone but You” very much, it still made a lot of money. The movie earned $200 million around the world. This shows that many people enjoyed watching it, especially during holiday times. It seems that even if experts didn’t think it was great, regular moviegoers thought it was a fun romantic comedy to see.


“Anyone but You” shows how romantic comedies can still work today. They keep the parts people love but make them feel modern. The movie made a lot of money, which means many people liked it. Viewers enjoyed its mix of love, funny moments, and characters finding themselves.

The director, Will Gluck, did a good job. He used ideas from Shakespeare to make the movie special. It reminds us that love stories and jokes can make people happy no matter when or where they’re set.

The movie was so good that it makes people want to see more films like this from Will Gluck. It shows that romantic comedies can still be popular and touch people’s hearts.



What is the release date of the Anyone but You movie?

The movie was released on 19 January 2024.

Who directed the Anyone but You movie?

The movie is directed by Will Gluck.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Anyone but You?

‘Anyone but You’ main actors includes Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp, GaTa, Hadley Robinson, Michelle Hurd, Dermot Mulroney, Darren Barnet, Bryan Brown, Rachel Griffiths

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