“Kaiva” is another popular Kannada action film. It is directed by Jayatirtha and produced by a company called Abhuvanas Creations. The lead actors are Dhanveerra and Megha Shetty. Other cast members include Dinakar Thoogudeep, Jairam Karthik, Nanda Gopal, Ugram Manju, Ramesh Indira, Mahanthesh Hiremath and Janvi Raila. You can see “Kaiva” in theaters starting December 8, 2023.

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Release Date8 December 2023
Star CastDhanveerrah Gowda, Megha Shetty, Mahantesh Hiremath, Ramesh Indira, Jayaram Karthik, Nandagopal, Ugramm Manju, Raghu Shivamogga
GenresCrime, Mystery, Thriller
MusicB. Ajaneesh Loknath
EditorKM Prakash
CinematographerShwetpriya Naik
Production companyAbhuvanasa Creations


“Kaiva” tells a story based on real things that happened in Bengaluru in 1983. The movie will show what Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) looked like back then. It will show the beautiful Karaga festival with its bright lights, but also the city’s dangerous and dark side.

B. Ajaneesh Loknath, who is good at making music, created the songs for the movie. These songs will help tell the story better. The person who filmed the movie, Shwet Priya Naik, took great pictures of old Bengaluru, showing both its beauty and its rough parts. Another important person is KM Prakash, who put all the scenes together in a way that makes the story easy to follow and exciting.

Kaiva movie Telugu movies watch online


Raghu Niduvalli helped write the story for “Kaiva” with the director, Jayathirtha. They worked together to make sure the movie shows old Bengaluru correctly and tells the story in a deep, real way. Their teamwork means viewers will get to see and feel what old Bengaluru was like, especially during the true events the movie is based on.

People are getting more and more excited as the movie’s release date gets closer. “Kaiva” promises a thrilling story based on real events. It also offers great sights and sounds for people who love movies. The actors, the music, the camera work – everything works together to tell a detailed and amazing story. When “Kaiva” comes to movie theaters on December 8, 2023, it’s expected to really impress the audience.



What is the release date of the Kaiva movie?

The movie was released in theatres on 8 December 2023.

Who directed the Kaiva movie?

The movie is directed by Jayatheertha.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Kaiva?

‘Kaiva’ main actors includes Dhanveerrah Gowda, Megha Shetty, Mahantesh Hiremath, Ramesh Indira, Jayaram Karthik, Nandagopal, Ugramm Manju, Raghu Shivamogga

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