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An upcoming movie called “Calling Sahasra” will be released in theaters on December 1, 2023. It’s a suspense thriller in the Telugu language. The director is Arun Vikkirala.

The main actors are Sudigali Sudheer, Dollysha, and Spandana Palli. Siva Balaji and others play supporting roles.

Mohith Rahmaniac deliver the movie’s songs, and Mark K Robin created the background music. D. Shashi Kiran handled the camera work, and Garry Bh did the editing.

Two production companies, Shadow Media Productions and Radha Arts, worked together to make this movie. The producers are Vijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, and Venkateswarulu Katuri.

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MovieCalling Sahasra
Release Date1 December 2023
Star CastSudigali Sudheer, Dollysha, Spandana Palli, Siva Balaji
GenresCrime, Mystery, Thriller
DirectorArun Vikkirala
MusicMohith Rahmaniac
ProducerVijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, Venkateswarulu Katuri
EditorGarry BH
Production companyShadow Media Productions, Radha Arts


In “Calling Sahasra,” move the Sudigali Sudheer plays a cybersecurity expert. After he buys a new SIM card for his phone, weird things start happening to him. The movie follows his life as he deals with these strange events, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Director Arun Vikkirala has done a great job with the film. His work makes people excited to see the movie because it promises to be an interesting and enjoyable experience. The story itself is gripping, but Vikkirala also picked excellent actors who bring their characters to life in a convincing way.


The music in “Calling Sahasra” is expected to make the movie even better. Mohith Rahmaniac’s songs and Mark K Robin’s background music will help create a mood that gets viewers more involved in the story.

D. Shashi Kiran, the person in charge of filming, will make the movie look good. And Garry Bh, who does the editing, will make sure the story flows smoothly from one scene to the next.

The two companies making the movie one is Shadow Media Productions and Radha Arts, want to create entertaining films that people will enjoy. With everyone working together, they aim to give us a movie full of suspense, excitement, and interesting tech stuff.



What is the release date of the Calling Sahasra?

The movie was released in theatres on 1 December 2023.

Who directed the movie Calling Sahasra?

The movie directed by Arun Vikkirala.

Who is in the main cast of Calling Sahasra?

Calling Sahasra star cast includes Sudigali Sudheer, Dollysha, Spandana Palli, Siva Balaji.

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