Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana is a mystery drama Telugu film that features young hero Shiva Kandukuri in the lead role. Purushotham Raaj directed this film which has music by Sricharan Pakala and Vijai Bulganin. Snehal Jangala, Shashidhar Kasi, and Karthik Mudimbi have produced this film.

The film explores his journey as he unravels the secrets and mysteries surrounding these crimes, offering a compelling narrative of intrigue and suspense. This film was released on 01, March 2024. The cast includes Shiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Devi Prasad, Varshini Soundararajan, Siva Kumar, Shafi, Surabhi Santosh, Sivannarayana, Venkatesh Kakumanu.


MovieBhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana
Release Date01 March 2024
Star CastShiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Devi Prasad, Varshini, Shafi, Surabhi Santosh
GenresThriller, Drama
DirectorPurushotham Raaj
MusicSricharan Pakala, Vijai Bulganin
ProducerSnehal Jangala, Shashidhar Kasi, Karthik Mudimbi
CinematographerGoutham. G
EditorGarry Bh
Production CompanyMillion Dreams Creations, Vijaya Saraaga Productions


A serial killer has actively killed women in an bordering area of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. After each murder, the killer takes the victim’s head and leaves behind a guide bomma (ornamental doll) as an indication. Police have not been able to identify who is the serial killer.

Now a private detective named Bhaskar (played by Siva Kandukuri) decides to try to solve this case. The rest of the full story revolves around how Bhaskar manages to identify and catch the culprit behind the series of murders, and also uncover the mysterious reason why these murders were happening.

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana


One of the outstanding aspects of the film Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana is the cinematography. Despite the low budget, the film looks visually appealing.

The background music is one of the highlights, as it enhances the mood very well in the second half. However, the dubbing/voice isn’t that great in many scenes.

Gautam’s camerawork is decent and captures the unique theme of the film well. The layout is also dull in many places. The script really starts to work and engage the audience only from the moments before the end.

Overall, while there are some good production elements, poor dubbing, editing issues, and slow writing until the end hinder the overall quality of the film.


Overall, Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana is an average rating, and the narrative style is not strong enough to make the film really good. The first half feels disjointed, as the images do not flow evenly. The second half, however, is more fair and makes more sense. The last few minutes of the film especially are well played and deliver some good fun.

Sivakandukuri does a splendid job of playing the detective. If technical issues like poor dubbing and editing had been addressed, the film could have been much better. If you don’t mind those drawbacks, you can consider trying Bhootddam Bhaskar Narayan.



What is the release date of the Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana movie ?

The movie was released on 01, March 2024.

Who directed Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana movie ?

The movie directed by Purushotham Raaj

Who are the main actors in Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana ?

‘Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana’ star cast includes Shiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Devi Prasad, Varshini Soundararajan, Siva Kumar, Shafi, Surabhi Santosh, Sivannarayana and Venkatesh Kakuman.

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