Annapurna Photo Studio

Annapurna Photo Studio is an upcoming crime comedy film starring Chaitanya Rao in the lead role. The film was released on July 21, 2023 which was directed by Chendu Muddu and produced by Ben Studios. The film also stars Lavanya Sahukar, Yasharangineni, Vasuinturi, Uttara Reddy Mihirah, Viva Raghav, Lalithaditya, Krishna Mohan and Raman.

Pankaj Tottada did a good job filming funny crime scenes. D Venkat Prabhu skillfully edited the film to make it an enjoyable experience for the viewers.

While Chaitanya Rao plays the lead role, Lavanya Sahakara adds romance and adventure, making their relationship the highlight of this crime comedy.

Prince Henry, known for his audience-favorite music, composes music for Annapurna Photo Studio. The soundtrack will enhance the story and deepen the movie experience.


MovieAnnapurna Photo Studio
Release Date21 July 2023
Star CastChaitanya Rao, Lavanya Sahukara, Yash Rangineni, Vasu Inturi, Uttara Reddy Mihirah, Viva Raghava, Lalith Adithya, Krishna Mohan, Ramana
DirectorChendu Mudddu
ProducerYash Rangineni
CinematographerPankaj Tottada
MusicPrince Henry
EditorD. Venakata Prabhu
WriterChendu Mudddu
Production companyBig Ben Cinemas


In the trailer, Chanti introduces herself as a resident of Kapileshwarapuram and sets the scene for her story. From the beginning, viewers get a hint of how Chanti’s light-hearted love affair unfolds.
Chanti falls for the girl he meets, but for the wrong reason he doesn’t reciprocate and slaps her.

This unexpected turn of events leads Chanti on a journey to take revenge on her wrongdoers. The trailer leaves viewers wanting to know how this story will unfold.

What makes Annapurna Photo Studio unique is its ability to skillfully blend comedy and romance. The protagonist’s witty sense of humor – showcased through witty costumes and dialogue – provides comic relief throughout the trailer. These moments captivate viewers and build excitement for the film’s release.

Annapurna Photo Studio telugu movie watch online


ETV Win has recently acquired the exclusive rights to the over-the-top streaming (OTT) Annapurna Photo Studio. This means fans can watch from the comfort of their own homes. ETV Win will officially air the film on August 23, 2023, giving viewers a complete experience of the world of Annapurna Photo Studio.

GSK Media is the public relations agency that promotes the film and introduces the film to audiences. The film is presented by Big Ben Cinemas, a renowned production studio known for high quality thrillers.

Annapurna Photo Studio shows how a compelling story can capture the attention of an audience more than expensive products. Its compelling story and relatable characters draw the viewers in
As more people watch the trailer, the excitement and anticipation among the audience grows.

They are eagerly waiting to be immersed in an engaging cinematic experience, proving that good storytelling has the power to engage audiences and make a lasting impact.

Annapurna Photo Studio promises to be a thrilling crime comedy that skillfully blends comedy, romance and suspense into a thrilling cinematic experience. With a strong cast, talented crew and compelling story, it can engage audiences and deliver a satisfying movie journey.



What is the release date of the Annapurna Photo Studio movie?

The movie was released in theaters on 21 July 2023.

Who directed the movie Annapurna Photo Studio?

The movie has been directed by Chendu Mudddu.

Who is in the main cast of Annapurna Photo Studio?

‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ star cast includes Chaitanya Rao, Lavanya Sahukara, Yash Rangineni, Vasu Inturi, Uttara Reddy Mihirah, Viva Raghava, Lalith Adithya, Krishna Mohan, and Ramana

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