Upendra Gadi Adda

Upendra Gadi Adda is an Telugu movie. It was produced by SSLS Creations, a company known for making extraordinary films. The film is produced by Kancharla Achchuthrao and directed by SK Aryan Subhan. It is expected to be a very good movie when it hits theaters this fall.

The film stars Kancharla Upendra and Savitri Krishna as lead actors. Under the direction of SK Aryan Subhan, they will do a great job. The film promises to be visually appealing and highly entertaining for all audiences.


MovieUpendra Gadi Adda
Release Date1 December 2023
Star CastSavithri Krishna, Kireeti Damaraju, Muralidhar Goud, Prabhavati Varma, Sandhya Janak
GenresAction, Drama, Romantic
DirectorAryan Subhan Shaik
ProducerKancharla Atchuta Rao
MusicRamu Addanki
Production companySSLS Creation


Upendra Gadi Adda is about how social media affects the lives of young celebrities. It looks at aspiring celebrities and people trying to become famous online in the digital age.

At a film event in Hyderabad, director Aryan Subhan spoke about the plot of the film. He said social media has a huge impact on society these days. He believes that the positive aspects of social media should be promoted to develop society in a positive way. The film could be completed quickly as the producer and lead actor gave complete freedom and cooperation.

The film explores the dynamics of online fame and becoming an influencer or online celebrity. It shows the pros and cons of this for young people in today’s social media world. The director wants to highlight the positive and negative social impacts of our obsession with online fame and the recognition.

Upendra Gadi Adda


Upendra Gadi Adda has great early performances from Savitri Krishna and Kiriti Damaraju in the lead roles.

The supporting cast also contributes to the success of the film. Kiritidamaraju, Muralidhar Gowda, Prabhavativarma, Sandhyajanaka and Koteshwar Rao.

With talented leads and strong supporting characters, the acting in Upendra Gadi Adda is a major strength of the film. The blend of leadership and supporting acting goes a long way in making this film both better and more interesting in terms of social media impact.


The film has an interesting story, great acting by the cast and beautiful visuals by Pokiri Julailu
“Upendra Gadi Adda” is expected to be better than fans’ expectations. Powerful performances and beautiful visuals will make this film stand out in Telugu cinema. It will set a new standard in terms of how entertaining a Telugu film can be.

This film will go beyond the usual boundaries and give the audience a new level of excitement never seen before in Telugu films. The incredible story, acting and graphics will make for an unforgettable movie experience.



When was the Upendra Gadi Adda movie released?

The movie was released on 1 December 2023.

Who directed Upendra Gadi Adda movie ?

The movie directed by Aryan Subhan Shaik.

Who are the main actors in Upendra Gadi Adda ?

‘Upendra Gadi Adda’ star cast includes Savithri Krishna, Kireeti Damaraju, Muralidhar Goud, Prabhavati Varma and Sandhya Janak.

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