The Goat Life

The movie “The Goat Life” has brilliant story, superb visuals and production values, and released on 28 March 2028. The Malayalam film directed and produced by Blessy. The lead actors including Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Jimmy Jean-Louis and KR Gokul.


MovieThe Goat Life
LanguageMalayalam, Kannada, Telugu
Release Date28 March 2024
Star CastPrithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Jimmy Jean-Louis, KR Gokul
GenresAdventure, Drama
MusicA. R. Rahman
ProducerBlessy, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Steven Adams
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad
CinematographerSunil K. S
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Najib (played by Prithviraj Sukumaran) and his friend Hakeem (KR Gokul) come to Saudi Arabia to work. They don’t speak Hindi or English and seem confused at the airport. While waiting for their sponsor, Khafeel (Talib Al Balushi), he realizes that it will be easy to seduce Najib and Hakeem. Khafeel takes them with him. Najib ends up as Hakim’s isolated goat herder on a lonely farm in the desert. “The Goat Life” is about what Najib does next in this situation.

The Goat Life

Technical Aspects

The back score by AR Rahman is excellent and adds to the impact of many scenes. Sunil K. is admirable, capturing Prithviraj’s pain and suffering effectively. The editing could have been better in the first half.

As for director Blessy, he told the story in detail, but it would have been better if the film crew had handled the overlong version, which is too long and could have handled the first half better.

To put it simply, while the music, cinematography and Prithviraj’s performances are strong, the pacing, editing and overall length needed to be improved, especially in the first half, mind you.


Overall, The Goat Life is a sincere attempt to tell a real life survival story, but the slow pace and lack of commercial elements can limit its appeal and the very long running time the run is a major flaw.

Prithviraj Sukumaran does an outstanding job as Najib and might even win an award for his portrayal. As mentioned everything is shown in a lot of detail which slows down most movies. However, the first half could have been mostly handled.

If you like watching art films, you can try this one. But the slow pace and long runs may be an issue for some viewers, though Prithviraj’s performance and genuine efforts to get a rescue story are positives.



What is the release date of the The Goat Life movie?

The movie was released on 28, March 2024.

Who directed The Goat Life movie?

The movie directed by Blessy.

Who are the main actors in The Goat Life?

‘The Goat Life’ star cast includes Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Jimmy Jean-Louis and KR Gokul.

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