Roy movie directed by Sunil Ibrahim bringing together Suraj Venjaramoodu, Shine Tom Chacko, Sija Rose, and Jins Baskar is set to be released in 2022. It is currently under production by Sajeesh Manjeri and Sanoob K. Yousef. The music is composed by Munna PM.


MovieROY (2022)
Release Date9 December, 2022
StarsSuraj Venjaramood, Sija Rose, V K Sreeraman, Shine Tom Chacko, Dr. Rony David, Jins Baskar, Vijeesh Vijayan, Riya Saira, Anju Joseph, Boban Samuel, Anand Manmadhan, Jenny Pallath, Sreelal Prasad
GenresDrama, Thriller
DirectorSunil Ibrahim
WriterSunil Ibrahim
ProducerSajeesh Manjeri, Sanoob K Yousef
Production HouseVibezon Movies
CinematographerJayesh Mohan
EditorV Saajan
MusicMunna P M


A librarian named Roy (Suraj Venjaramoodu) has recently resigned from his job to pursue a career in writing. In the process, he gets a shock because of a sudden tragedy.

His wife (Sija Rose), a journalist who was writing about a sensational missing case of a novelist, goes missing. Will the truth finally be revealed?



The new film Roy has generally received positive reviews from critics and fans. People especially appreciated the strong performances of the main actors who played believable and relatable characters.

The film also compliments the visuals, with excellent camerawork and production providing an immersive experience for viewers. Overall, Roy is a heartwarming story driven by its great cast that will not disappoint those looking for an exciting and emotionally charged film.

While many praised the unusual story and stunning visuals, some criticized the film for being too predictable or following conventional stereotypes. Despite the differing opinions, Roy inspired a lot of conversation and discussion on social media, review sites and fan forums.

With so many fans eager to share their thoughts on the film, Roy has clearly become an important and talked about film.

Essentially, with his incredible performances, visuals and divisive narrative, Roy has managed to attract a great deal of attention and discussion from critics, fans and audiences alike.


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