Raajadhani Files

A new promising Telugu movie called ‘Raajadhani Files’ was released on 15 February 2024 . It is directed by a talented person named Bhanu. The movie has an impressive cast of actors who may become famous in the future.

Among the cast are newcomers Akilan and Veena who play important roles. Experienced actors like Vinodh Kumar and Vani Viswanath are also part of the movie.

The recently released trailer gives a glimpse into this gripping political drama. The story seems to revolve around the sacrifices made by farmers for the development of Amaravathi and the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.


MovieRaajadhani Files
Release Date15 February 2024
Star CastPushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Vaani Vishwanath, Vinod Kumar, Shanmukh Guntuboyina, Vishal Patni, Amrutha Chowdary
DirectorBhanu Shankar
ProducerRavi Shankar Kantamnenie
CinematographerRamalingam Ramesh Babu
ChoreographerTharupudi Ganesh Swamy
MusicMani Sharma
EditorKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Production CompaniesTelugu One


At its core, ‘Raajadhani Files’ tells a story that sheds light on the challenges faced by farmers when they selflessly gave up their lands for societal progress and development. The trailer beautifully depicts the sufferings and difficulties these farmers went through, highlighting how the government appeared to be uncaring towards their plight.

The movie revolves around a social-political setting that mirrors the effects of the farmers’ sacrifices on themselves and their community. It seems to explore how giving up their lands impacted their lives and surroundings. The story aims to enlighten audiences about the hardships farmers endured for the larger good of society’s advancement.


The movie has a big group of actors. Vinodh Kumar and Vani Viswanath play important roles that will likely make the story seem more realistic and believable. The movie also includes talented new actors like Pavan, Shanmukh, Vishal, Madhu, Ajayratnam, Ankitha Takour and Amrutha Chowdary. Having these new young actors brings fresh energy to the project.

Most significantly, the movie includes 600 real farmers and 100 children of farmers who were actually involved in the movement to make Amaravati the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Including these real people who took part in those events makes the story more authentic.



Raajadhani Files is a Telugu movie that aims to tell a thought-provoking story line. It has an appealing cast and looks to deliver great technical qualities in filmmaking.

When it releases in theaters on February 15, 2024, this movie will make viewers think deeply about the sacrifices made by farmers and the political circumstances around the development of Amaravati as the capital city.

By highlighting this subject matter, the film intends to encourage conversations about appreciating and properly addressing the issues faced by people who sacrifice their own well-being for the greater good of society.

The movie seems positioned to bring awareness to the plight of farmers and hopefully spur dialogue on how to better support those who make such selfless contributions.


What is the release date of the Raajadhani Files movie?

Raajadhani Files movie is released on 15 February 2024.

Who directed the movie Raajadhani Files?

The movie has been directed by Bhanu Shankar.

Who is in main cast of Raajadhani Files?

Pushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Vaani Vishwanath, Vinod Kumar, Shanmukh Guntuboyina, Vishal Patni, Amrutha Chowdary.

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