Prathinidhi 2

Prathinidhi 2 telugu movie review ibomma, where to watch, story, cast: After a long break, actor Nara Rohit has returned with new Telugu film Prathinidhi 2. The movie are directed by famous journalist Murthy Devagupthapu and he debut in film industries. The star cast includes Nara Rohit, Siri Lella, Dinesh Tej, Sapthagiri, Sachin Khedekar, Jisshu Sengupta, Udaya Bhanu, and Ajay Ghosh.


MoviePrathinidhi 2
LanguageTelugu, Tamil, Kannada
Release Date10 May , 2024
Star CastNara Rohit, Siri Lella, Dinesh Tej, Sapthagiri, Sachin Khedekar, Jisshu Sengupta, Udaya Bhanu, Ajay Ghosh
GenresAction, Thriller
DirectorMurthy Devagupthapu
ProducerKumar Raza Bathula, Anjaneyulu Sri Thota, Surendranath Bollineni
MusicMahati Swara Sagar
CinematographerNani Chamidisetty
Production CompanyRana Arts, Vanara Entertainments


A prominent journalist (played by Udaya Bhanu) starts a new channel called NNC with the sole purpose of broadcasting the truth to the masses. He is more focused on social responsibility than making money.

He appoints Chetan (Nara Rohit), an honest journalist, as the head of the company. Chetan starts exposing corrupt political leaders through his media channel.

But in the meantime, Chief Minister Prajapati (Sachin Khedekar) is assassinated (murdered).
The big questions are: Who is behind this murder of the CM? What was his motive for killing her? Was Chetan able to identify and expose the people responsible for this murder?

Prathinidhi 2 is about uncovering the mystery behind the Chief Minister’s murder and the search to nab the culprits.

Prathinidhi 2 Review


The first part of the story is similar to what we’ve seen before, with the main character exposing the evil leadership. While somewhat predictable, there are parts that are well done. The protagonist shows everyone his true identity by talking to corrupt politicians on a TV show. They also try to educate people about why voting is important in video. These things may not be new, but the film has a positive emotion and message, so the first part is okay.

Subtle dialogue and quick narration make us forget we’ve seen things like this before. There are funny moments with Sapthagiri, things that happen before and after the election, and a fair amount of surprises in between. Nara Rohit is back on screen after hiatus and did a good job in the movie. He plays a reporter who fights an injustice, and does it well. His acting is good, as are Sachin Khedekar, Dinesh Teja, Uday Bhanu and Sapthagiri in their respective roles.


The second half is really disappointing compared to the first. While the first half is to show how corrupt the politicians are, the second half is about the CBI probe into the Chief Minister’s murder but the way the probe is being shown seems silly. Important leaders and officials are made to look like cartoons, ruining the film’s intentions.

The director doesn’t care much about logic; They just want to make the movie more interesting. There are a lot of things that really don’t make sense. The film doesn’t feel serious or like it’s going anywhere. The movie would have been better if they paid more attention to making it realistic rather than just adding things to make it more interesting.

The love song could have been skipped, and the parts about the protagonist’s childhood could have been more interesting. The ending tries to set up a third, but it doesn’t really get me excited to watch.

Technical Aspects

The music composed by Mahati Swara Sagar is not very good. Nani Chamidisetty’s photography is just OK.

Still, the plot is well-executed, and the film moves at a brisk pace for the most part. However, the visual effects (VFX) work is poor. The big ending set in the airport and the scenes with lots of crowds look strange and unbelievable on the big screen.

The teachings of Murthy Devagupthapu are below average. There are some enjoyable moments in the first half, but the director couldn’t maintain the same level of excitement and engagement in the film’s final hour.

Though the effort seems sincere, the film fails due to a shallow, superficial script and unnecessary additions of advertisements and human elements.


Prathinidhi 2 has a decent premise, but superficial writing restricts conveying its intended message. Nara Rohit shines as a sincere journalist, first half passable with engaging moments. However, second half falls apart due to poorly written scenes. Despite initial signs of becoming an honest political drama, the film ultimately falters.



What is the release date of the Prathinidhi 2 movie?

The movie was released on 10, May 2024

Who directed Prathinidhi 2 movie?

The movie directed by Murthy Devagupthapu.

Who are the main actors in Prathinidhi 2?

‘Prathinidhi 2’ star cast includes Nara Rohit, Siri Lella, Dinesh Tej, Sapthagiri, Sachin Khedekar, Jisshu Sengupta, Udaya Bhanu, Ajay Ghosh.

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