Pareshan telugu movie review ibomma, where to watch, story, cast: Pareshan is a romantic movie in the Telugu language. The film was directed by Rupak Ronaldson . The film have beautiful songs with interesting story. The movie is about a love story that will make the audience feel many emotions.

The main actors are Thiruveer and Pavani Karanam. They play the main characters really well. Their acting together is expected to make the audience really involved in their story.

Besides the main actors, there are other up-and-coming actors in important roles. Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, and Raju Bedigela all act very well in the movie, making the story richer.


Release Date2 June, 2023
StarsThiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, Raju Bedigela
GenresComedy, Drama
DirectorRupak Ronaldson
MusicYashwanth Nag
EditorHarishankar Tamminana
WriterRupak Ronaldson
CinematographyVasu Pendem
Production companyWaltair Productions


The film story is around the Mancherial who live in small town and young people have a close group of friends: Isaac, Basha, RGV, Sathi and Maidaku. They live in a town known for its disenfranchised coal mines.

Living in this city, they find it difficult to get an education or to reach ambitious goals or a promising future. Often, they want something more. When Isaac gets a job opportunity, his father Samarpan sees it as an opportunity to build a better life for Isaac.

This job could help Isaac and his family escape living in a small mining town. Dedication believes that by learning from a preacher, Isaac can find purpose and direction and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

As the story progresses, we see these individuals’ struggles, hopes, and achievements as they deal with limited opportunities. The film shows the resilience of the human spirit and how deeply relationships and choices can affect a person’s destiny.

Overall, it explores the challenges and motivations of the less privileged to create a better life for themselves.

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The creative mind behind Pareshan is Rupak Ronaldson. He wrote a brilliant screenplay and even directed the film himself. Metaphor’s artistry and attention to detail ensure that every scene is beautiful and brings the story to life in a fascinating way.

The wonderful music of the Pareshan was composed by the talented Yashwant Nag. Yashwanth is known for his emotional, soulful music. His music will perfectly complement the emotions portrayed on screen and put the audience in a romantic mood.

The film is skilfully directed by Vasu Pendem. He sets the right mood through shot design and artful use of lighting in each scene, adding great visual interest to the story.

The film is produced by Siddharth Rallapalli under the banner of prestigious Waltair Productions Pvt. Ltd. is a production studio dedicated to producing high quality films. Supported by Suresh Productions Pvt. LTD.

Overall, Pareshan awaited Telugu romantic film promises to captivate with its touching story, brilliant performances, melodious music and visually stunning cinematography.



What is the release date of Pareshan movie?

The movie was released on 2 June 2023.

Who directed Pareshan movie?

The movie is directed by Rupak Ronaldson.

Who are the main actors in Pareshan movie?

‘Pareshan’ star cast includes Thiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi and Raju Bedigela.

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