Om Bheem Bush

The film “Om Bheem Bush” was directed by Sree Harshakonuganti. The movie is scheduled to be released on March 22, 2024. The story will have comedy, adventure and some supernatural elements.

The film stars Sri Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Preeti Mukundan and Ayesha Khan. The film also includes other talented people. “Om Bheem Bush” has a different story. With a good performance by the makers, it is likely to appeal to a lot of people watching in theatres.


MovieOm Bheem Bush
Release Date22 March 2024
Star CastSree Vishnu, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Rahul Ramakrishna, Ayesha Khan, Racha Ravi, Srikanth Iyengar
GenresComedy, Drama
DirectorSree Harsha Konuganti
ProducerSunil Balusu
MusicSunny MR
CinematographerRaj Thota
EditorVijay Vardhan Kavuri
Production companiesUV Creations, V Celluloid


Om Bheem Bush movie is about three scientists they start journey to find a hidden treasure in a remote and unknown village. But things don’t go as planned when they encounter unexpected challenges.

According to legend, the dark magic of Goddess Kali can control the minds of some people, sometimes causing them to do strange things. This adds to the suspense of the film.

The film has plenty of laughs with the characters finding themselves in hilarious situations as they try to solve the mystery of the village.

Overall, this is a thrilling comedy film with mystery and supernatural suspense, and it follows a trio of scientists searching for hidden treasure in a remote mythical village around.

Om Bheem Bush


  • Sree Vishnu as Krishnakanth “Krish” Gundagani
  • Priyadarshi as Vinay Gummadi
  • Rahul Ramakrishna as Madhav Relangi
  • Preethi Mukundan as Jalaja
  • Ayesha Khan as Rattalu
  • Priya Vadlamani in Item Number
  • Kamakshi Bhaskarla as Neha Sharma
  • Srikanth Iyengar as Principal Ranjith Vinukonda
  • Adithya Menon as Sarpanch
  • Surya Sreenivas as Madhana Manoharudu
  • Racha Ravi as Amavasa
  • Manish Kumar as Sampangi


The background music and songs for the film were composed by Sunny M.R. The company Aditya Music acquired the rights to release the audio (music) for the movie.

Track List

1.“Bang Bros”Lakshmi PriyankaAditya Iyenger, Dinker Kalvala, Vivek Hariharan, Rutvik Talashilkar, Sunny M.R.
2.“The Wedding Song”Krishna KanthKapil Kapilan
3.“Dil Dhadke”Krishna KanthKrishna Tejasvi, Sunny M.R.
4.“Anuvanuvuu”Krishna KanthArijit Singh
5.“Aparichitha”Vinayak SasikumarSithara Krishnakumar
6.“Neeli Moha Megham”Krishna KanthAnjana Balakrishnan
7.“Thaalajaalane”Krishna KanthHarjot Kaur
8.“Ule Ule”Lakshmi PriyankaRam Miriyala
9.“Oka Kalalaa”Krishna KanthSunny M.R.


Om Bheem Bush is average film. The filmmakers worked hard on every aspect of it. The film sees with beautiful village scenes and good characters. Raj Thota’s camerawork beautifully captures village life. It makes viewers feel like they are in the countryside.

Humor is Om Bheem Bush’s main strength of the movie. The clever humor and well-timed humor in this film creates great memories for viewers of all ages.

Beautiful scenes of village life, performances, lively music, and especially many funny moments all combine to make Om Bheem Bush an enjoyable and enjoyable rural adventure for all.



When was the Om Bheem Bush movie released?

The movie was released on 29 March 2024.

Who directed Om Bheem Bush movie ?

The movie directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti.

Who are the main actors in Om Bheem Bush ?

‘Om Bheem Bush’ star cast includes Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Rahul Ramakrishna, Ayesha Khan, Racha Ravi and Srikanth Iyengar.

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