Mentoo telugu movie review ibomma, where to watch, story, cast: MENTOO is an exciting and emotional film from the Telugu film industry, also known as Tollywood. It is famous for its inspirational story. The film is directed by the talented Srikant G Reddy. The masterpiece combines elements of comedy and drama to create an unforgettable experience for viewers.

The cast includes Naresh Agastya, Brahmji, Riya Suman and Priyanka Sharma. The main characters were brought to life in a way that made the characters relatable and the audience engaged.

When MENTOO was released, it was released not only in Telugu but also in other languages, so that it could be enjoyed by the global audience. The film’s universal themes and powerful storyline captivated viewers from all walks of life, reflecting the global appeal of Tollywood cinema.


Release Date26 May, 2023
StarsNaresh Agastya, Kaushik Ghantasala, Mourya Siddavaram, Brahmaji, Harsha Chemudu, Nellore Sudharshan, Priyanka Sharma, Riya Suman, Karthik Adusumilli
DirectorSrikanth G. Reddy
ProducerMourya Siddavaram
CinematographerPC Mouli
EditorKarthik Vunnava
MusicElisha Praveen G & Osho Venkat
Production companyLantern Creative Works


The movie Men Too is about the experiences of men who have been falsely accused or mistreated because of the #MenToo movement against sexual harassment and assault. It shows how some women may take advantage of this important movement for their own selfish reasons, unfairly targeting innocent men.

The main setting is a bar called Stags Only, where the stories of three main male characters – Aditya, Sanju, and Munna – are explored. Aditya works in sales, Sanju recently returned from the US, and Munna is a bike mechanic. Two female characters, Tara and Neha, play major roles in the lives of these men.

At the Stags Only bar, owned by the character Brahmaji, the different characters’ lives become connected. The movie follows their intertwined stories and the challenges the men face from false accusations and mistreatment by some women taking advantage of the #MenToo movement.

Overall, MenToo aims to show the perspective of falsely accused men and how it can negatively impact their lives. It explores complex gender dynamics and encourages understanding between men and women. The movie raises awareness about potential abuses of power and the need for fairness in judging cases involving both genders.

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Naresh Agasthya gave a beautiful and engaging performance that captivated the audience but Maurya Siddawaram really stood out among the three leads with his incredible lyrics, emotional conviction and effective use of body language to bring sincerity and in the character of the so
Riya Suman had very little screen time and her beauty made the film more interesting.

Priyanka Sharma was satisfied in capturing the essence of her character Neha. Supporting actors Brahmaji and Viva Harsh also gave strong memorable performances that added depth.

Director Srikanthareddy’s article aims to highlight the under-examined perspectives of men who have been falsely accused by the #MenToo movement against sexual misconduct. It used the group to empathize some women with the challenges faced by innocent men in such situations.

Overall, Men Too encouraged a thoughtful conversation about gender equality, equality, and the need for fairness and balance when dealing with #MenToo issues. The film’s efforts to raise awareness of this sensitive issue, the struggles men can face, deserve to be recognized for creating nuanced narratives around this complex social issue.



What is the release date of the Mentoo movie?

The movie was released on 26 May, 2023

Who directed Mentoo movie?

The movie is directed by Srikanth G. Reddy

Who are the main actors in Mentoo movie?

‘Mentoo’ star cast includes Naresh Agastya, Kaushik Ghantasala, Mourya Siddavaram, Brahmaji, Harsha Chemudu, Nellore Sudharshan, Priyanka Sharma, Riya Suman, Karthik Adusumilli.

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