Maa Awara Zindagi

Maa Awara Zindagi is a Telugu film starring Sreehan, Ajay, Cherry and Jaswant in lead roles. The film was made on a budget of around Rs 3 crore. People eagerly wait for its release on June 23, 2023. The title of the movie itself is catchy and true.

The poster of the film gives us a glimpse of its intriguing and intriguing story. Viewers recognize the humor from the beginning. The trailer is known for its humor and user-friendly content. It attracts the audience with its wonderful story.

Maa Awara Zindagi movie entertains the viewers with funny plot lines. The makers have tried to give an enjoyable experience. As the story unfolds, viewers can expect an exciting journey filled with funny moments and characters.

The characters bring their unique personalities to life on screen. They add depth to the story. Through their great performances, they bring the story to life. Each character contributes their skills to the film making the audience laugh.

Maa Awara Zindagi showcases the creativity and understanding of the filmmakers. The production team has skillfully crafted scenery, costumes and visual effects. Every element of the film contributes to the overall cinematic experience.


MovieMaa Awara Zindagi
Release Date23 June, 2023
StarsShree Shrihan, Kotoju Anupam Kumar, Kalla Ajay Kumar, Sayaji Shinde
GenresComedy, Drama
DirectorDepa Srikanth Reddy
ProducerNandhyala Madhusudhan Reddy
EditorSai Baba Talari
WriterDepa Srikanth Reddy
MusicPrateek Nag
Production companyVibha Entertainments


Bhatti, known for his appearance on Bigg Boss Telugu, is joined by Sibi (popularly called ‘Jabardasth’ Ajay), Cherry (LB), and Jaswanth (Lambu) in this Telugu film. These four youth are known for being wayward and irresponsible.

They regularly drink alcohol and live luxurious lives. Their careless actions often get them into trouble. Now they are in trouble with a strict police officer named SI Reddy.

However, their lives take an unexpected turn when SI Reddy’s daughter is kidnapped by criminals. This incident threatens to disrupt the peace of the four friends and forces them to confront a dangerous situation.

They find themselves trapped in this unexpected tragedy. They need to find a way to deal with the issue. They start looking for ways to find the girl and get her back.

Will they successfully complete their mission? Can they prove their innocence? Will they catch the criminals? The film explores these engaging questions. It fascinates the audience with its suspenseful story.

Maa Awara Zindagi


Sreehan, Ajay, Cherry and Jaswant gave brilliant performances portraying the villains in the film. Their comic timing and chemistry works very well together. It adds a unique element to the film.

Because their characters didn’t need a series of heroic actions, the actors were able to effortlessly showcase their comedic skills. The sense of humor displayed by these four actors is definitely one of the highlights of the film.

Shiazi Shinde in the film is also amazing. He brings energy to his role and is very efficient. The other characters in the film did a great job. You can see how hard they worked to attract the audience. It gives the audience an interesting impression.



What is the release date of Maa Awara Zindagi movie?

The movie was released on 23 June 2023.

Who directed the Maa Awara Zindagi movie?

The movie is directed by Depa Srikanth Reddy.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Maa Awara Zindagi ?

‘Maa Awara Zindagi ’ main actors includes Shree Shrihan, Kotoju Anupam Kumar, Kalla Ajay Kumar and Sayaji Shinde.

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