Love In London

Love In London telugu movie review ibomma, where to watch, story, cast: “Love In London” is another movie that many fans love are waiting to watch action and romance, genre movie in telugu language.

The film also stars Anubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarshini and Somyasachdeva. They are talented actors who may make great performances that will entertain the audience.

Director Tapas Sargharia helms “Love in London”. Sargharia has a unique vision and creative style to make this film unique and special.

The film has been produced by Naveen Bhandari and Jay Barkha. They work hard to ensure that this work is done properly.


MovieLove In London
Release Date13 June, 2023
StarsAnubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarsini, Somya Sachdeva
GenresAction, Romantic, Thriller
DirectorTapas Sargharia
ProducerNaveen Bhandari, J Barkha
MusicBaidyanath Dash, Asad Nizam
WriterSuresh Patnaik
CinematographerSubrat K. Khatoi
EditorRajesh Dash
Production companyJB Films, Amara Studios


The story is about the strong relationship between three people. His main character is a man married to a woman he loves very much. However, a man also has feelings for another woman. Just when things seem to settle down, another woman comes back into the picture, giving the story an unexpected turn.

The big question is which woman will a man ultimately choose to be with? Will he remain faithful to his wife, or will he follow his heart’s desire and live with another woman who has feelings for him? How they solve this complex challenge is an important part of the plot. The audience will be interested to know who the character chooses and the emotional journey he goes through to arrive at that decision.

Love In London 2023 iBOMMA Telugu movies watch online


Fans of the upcoming “Love In London” movie are very excited about it. They are frantically counting down the days until the film’s release, speculating on what could happen to the plot, the relationships between the characters and possible surprises.

The excitement and anticipation is really high, as everyone looks forward to watching the performances of the leading actors and the magic they perform on screen.

As the release date approaches, the hype and hype surrounding “Love in London” intensifies. Fans are constantly talking about the film, sharing their expectations and scrutinizing any new reveals.

They can’t wait for the chance to be drawn into the vibrant world of the film, where action scenes and romantic moments are fused together for an unforgettable experience.

The excitement to see this much-awaited film is quite high, as people are planning to go see it in theaters when it opens so that they can experience the magic for themselves.



What is the release date of Love In London movie?

The movie was released on 13 June 2023.

Who directed Love In London movie?

The movie is directed by Tapas Sargharia.

Who are the main actors in Love In London movie?

‘Love In London’ star cast includes Anubhav Mohanty, Swapna Priyadarsini and Somya Sachdeva.

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