Iratta telugu movie review ibomma, where to watch, story, cast: “Iratta” is an crime thriller movie in the Malayalam language. It was released in theaters around on February 3, 2023. The movie was directed and written by Rohit M. G. Krishnan. It was produced by Martin Prakkat, Joju George, and Sijo Vadakkan under the production company called Appu Pathu Pappu.

The main actors in the movie are Joju George, Anjali, and Srinda. The trailer for the movie got a lot of interest online before it was released. The movie is also available to watch on the streaming service Netflix. Joju George, who has won a national award, did a great job acting in two different roles in the movie.

There were some parts of the movie that were not very clear, but Joju made sure the two characters he played were clearly different from each other. The story is mostly about these two characters, but Anjali’s acting as Malini was also very good. All of the other actors did a good job in their roles as well.


Releasing onFebruary 3, 2023
StarsJoju George, Anjali, Arya Salim, Srikant Murali
GenresDrama, Family, Thriller
DirectorRohit M. G. Krishnan
ProducerJoju George, Martin Prakkat, Sijo Vadakkan
EditorManu Antony
MusicJakes Bejoy
Production companiesAppu Pathu Pappu Production House, Martin Prakkat Films


During an event at a police station in Kerala, a gunshot is suddenly heard. Everyone rushes inside after the shot. It is revealed that ASI Vinod, played by Joju George, has been shot and killed by an unknown shooter. Because of this, the police station is sealed off and no one is allowed to leave.DSP Pramod, also played by Joju George in a dual role, decides to investigate his brother Vinod’s murder after learning of his death. The movie leaves several unanswered questions:

Who killed Vinod? What caused the disagreement between brothers Pramod and Vinod? Who is the character Malini, played by Anjali, in this story?

To find out the answers to these mysteries, the audience has to watch the full movie, which is available to stream on the OTT (over-the-top) platform Netflix.

Iratta telugu movie watch online


The movie received many positive reviews and was liked by audiences. These days, people who enjoy Bollywood movies are also becoming interested in watching South Indian movies. Filmmaker Harsh Vardhan noticed this trend and tried to make movies similar to those from the South, and he was mostly successful.

The beginning of “Iratta” moves slowly, which may not be interesting for those who don’t connect with the character Vinod at first. The portions showing the backstories of the other characters may also feel too long. However, the flashback scenes involving Malini and Vinod are enjoyable to watch.

The story really picks up momentum when the investigation is taken over by Pramod, and it maintains a good pace until the end. Even though you may have watched many crime thriller movies before, the ending of “Iratta” is unexpected and surprising.

So in summary, while it has a slow start, the engaging characters, well-paced investigative plot, and unpredictable ending make “Iratta” an entertaining South Indian crime thriller worth watching according to many reviewers.

Where to watch Iratta movie?

Iratta movie Watch Online Link: Iratta Watch Online on Netflix



What is the release date of the Iratta movie?

The movie was released on February 3, 2023.

Who directed Iratta movie?

The movie is directed by Rohit M. G. Krishnan.

Who are the main actors in Iratta movie?

‘Iratta’ star cast includes Joju George, Anjali, Arya Salim, Srikant Murali

Is it legal to download Iratta movie without a license?

Downloading the movie Iratta without a license is not legal. Doing so would be considered copyright infringement, which is against the law.

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