Gammathu is a Telugu movie and directed by Aswani Sri Krisshna . Swati Deekshith from the reality show Bigg Boss plays the main female character. Parvatheesam plays the main male character.


Release Date13 September 2023
Star CastSwathi Deekshith, Lirisha, Parvateesam, Rocket Raghava
GenresCrime, Romance, Thriller
DirectorAswwani Sri Krisshna
ProducerA Srinivasa Rao, B Mahesh kumar
CinematographerLakshmi Kanth Kanike
EditorSrikanth Patnaik
MusicVasanth G
Production CompanySuper Star Studios


The film is about Srinivasa Reddy and his friends Shakalak Shankar Sathya. They dream of making it big in Hollywood. But their journey turns dangerous when they accidentally get mixed up with an illegal drug ring. Friends are drawn into the dangerous drug trade.

As the story progresses, the main characters face many serious challenges. They need to find a way to clear their name and escape the powerful drug dealers. The movie is full of excitement, suspense and surprising twists. To truly appreciate all the excitement, you will need to go see the film yourself in theaters.

Gammathu movie review


The film features standout performances from the three lead actors – Srinivasa Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar and Satya. Srinivasa Reddy brings great depth and charisma to the main role. Satya and Shakalaka Shankar provide excellent comedy that has audiences laughing uncontrollably at times.

One very funny and memorable scene happens in the second half when Shakalaka Shankar has an amusing dialogue with the character Jhansi. This leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Another highly entertaining scene occurs before the climax at a police station featuring all the major characters. This keeps viewers fully engaged.

For those who enjoy humor, there are some comical scenes with Satya, Shakalaka Shankar and rasgullas (a Indian sweet). The supporting actors Satyam Rajesh, Vennela Kishore, and the actress playing a TV reporter also give praiseworthy performances that add richness to the overall cast.



What is the release date of the Gammathu movie?

The movie was released on 13 September 2023.

Who directed the Gammathu movie?

The movie is directed by Aswwani Sri Krisshna.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Gammathu?

‘Gammathu’ main actors includes Swathi Deekshith, Lirisha, Parvateesam, Rocket Raghava

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