Currency Nagar

Currency Nagar has an excellent group of actors. The main actors are Yadlapalli Mahesh – who is well-known in Telugu movies – along with Spandana Somana, Keshav, Rajasekhar Chandini and Sudarshan. Each of these actors brings their own special talents and styles to the screen. They capture every small detail and the true feeling of each story perfectly.

Mukkamula Apparao and Dr. Koduru Gopala Krishna from Unnati Arts made it possible to create this powerful story. They trusted Vennela Kumar Pothepalli, who is making his first film as a director with this production.


MovieCurrency Nagar
Release Date29 December 2023
Star CastMahesh Yadlapalli, Spandana Somana, Keshav, Rajasekhar Chandini, Gautam Kumar, Sudarshan
GenresDrama, Thriller
DirectorVennela Kumar Pothepalli
MusicSidharth Sadasivuni
ProducerKoduru Gopala Krishna, Mukkamala Apparao
EditorCarthic Cuts
WriterVennela Kumar Pothepalli
CinematographerSathish Rajaboyina
Production CompanyUnnati Arts


Currency Nagar is not just an ordinary film. It’s a powerful story about people’s emotions and complex attitudes towards money. Imagine living in a world where money is an emotion, a motivating force, and often even an enemy – the film illustrates this clearly.

Director Venela Kumar believes that what makes the film unique is how it explores the relationship between money and humanity. In today’s materialistic society, emotions are often overlooked. This film hopes to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Kumar’s goal is to engage, teach something new and entertain audiences, no matter who they are.

Currency Nagar


Mahesh Yadlapalli has become a very respected actor in Telugu movies over the years. He studied mechanical engineering at Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology in Aushapur, Hyderabad before deciding to go into acting and filmmaking. This unusual background has only added to his fame. Over time, his great performances in many different Telugu movies have proven him to be a versatile actor in the industry.



What is the release date of the Currency Nagar movie?

The movie was released in theatres on 29 December 2023.

Who directed the Currency Nagar movie?

The movie is directed by Vennela Kumar Pothepalli

Who are the main actors in the movie of Currency Nagar?

‘Currency Nagar’ main actors includes Mahesh Yadlapalli, Spandana Somana, Keshav, Rajasekhar Chandini, Gautam Kumar and Sudarshan

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