Athi I Love You

“Athi I Love You” is a great movie in Kannada. Not only was it directed by Lokendra Surya, but it also starred Shravya Rao. The music is composed by Ananth Aryan and cinematography by Sevenraj.

The story takes place in one day and one house. What makes this film unique is how it shows intimate moments between husband and wife. These events also help us better understand the ups and downs of their relationship.


MovieAthi I Love You
Release Date7 December 2023
Star CastLokendra Surya, Shravya Rao
GenresRomantic, Thriller
DirectorLokendra Surya
WriterLokendra Surya
CinematographerLokendra Surya
MusicAnanth Aryan


Vasantha’s start day when the morning sunlight comes through his windows and blinds, it wakes him up. He gets out of bed and starts his usual trip to work. His wife, Athira, likes to sleep a bit longer, so she starts her day later than Vasantha.

But today is different. Vasantha comes home from work earlier than usual. He feels that something is not right. The air in the house feels strange, like there’s a lot of tension that wasn’t there before. Vasantha knows his home well, so he starts to figure out why things feel so odd.

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One part of the movie stands out: an 11-minute scene shot in one long take, without any cuts. The film crew did a great job planning this scene. They set up lights all around the house and planned every move of the camera carefully. They did such good work that the scene turned out even better than people expected.

The music by Ananth Aryan makes “Athi I Love You” even more special. It adds feeling and depth to the story. This movie is more than just entertainment. It looks deep into relationships by showing one day in one house.



What is the release date of the Athi I Love You movie?

The movie was released in theaters on 7 December 2023.

Who directed the Athi I Love You movie?

The movie is directed by Lokendra Surya.

Who are the main actors in the movie of Athi I Love You?

‘Athi I Love You’ main actors includes Lokendra Surya and Shravya Rao

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