Article 370

Aditya Suhas Jambhale has made a new Hindi movie called “Article 370”. This movie has won national awards two times before for his great work in it. The movie is expected to tell about the real events surrounding India’s decision on Article 370. Article 370 gave special rights to Jammu and Kashmir.


MovieArticle 370
Release Date23 February 2024
Star CastYami Gautam, Priyamani, Arun Govil, Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Kiran Karmarkar, Raj Zutshi
GenresDrama, Political
DirectorAditya Suhas Jambhale
ProducerJyoti Deshpande, Aditya Dhar, Lokesh Dhar
MusicShashwat Sachdev
EditorShivkumar V. Panicker
Production companiesJio Studios, B62 Production


The movie Article 370 has two famous actors, Priya Mani and Yami Gautam, who have important roles in the film. Critics have praised their performances in previous movies, saying they make the characters they play seem very real and lifelike.

In Article 370, Yami Gautam will play a key role, while Priya Mani will also play another significant character. Together, their performances will show the human side and struggles that people faced during the political turmoil surrounding Article 370.


The movie is based on the unrest that happened in Kashmir after 2016. In the story, a woman named Zooni Haksar becomes an undercover agent working together with Rajeshwari on a secret mission. Their goal is to end terrorism and conflicts related to Article 370, without any violence or bloodshed happening, because violence would cause much more harm than good.

The movie tells this story from the perspective of the people involved, focusing on their emotions and personal experiences, rather than just stating facts without feeling. It highlights how the actions of individuals can shape historic events.

By portraying the human side of the story with real characters’ thoughts and feelings, the movie aims to give a deeper understanding compared to just describing the factual events alone.



Article 370 is not just a regular movie. It wants to look deeply at an important time in India’s history. Through its interesting story, great acting, and smart directing, this movie hopes to help viewers understand the conflict in Kashmir and the lives of people involved in it.

As the movie gets closer to releasing, people expect it will not only entertain, but also start national conversations about the historical meanings behind the events with Article 370. There will likely be previews and coverage of the movie that make people discuss this significant historical moment.

The goal of Article 370 is to be a movie that makes people think, not just be entertained. It wants to show complex real-life events and important national issues in an impactful way that goes beyond typical movies.


What is the release date of the Article 370 movie?

Article 370 movie was released in theaters on 23 February 2024.

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