Adbhutam is an another telugu film directed by Mallik Ram. The film take a low budget with pick Tejja Sajja and Shivani Rajasekhar as the main leads. The film is now streaming on Disney Hot Star and let’s see how it is.


  • Movie: Adbhutam
  • Release Date : November 19,2021
  • Starring: Teja Sajja, Shivani Rajashekar, Tulasi
  • Director: Mallik Ram
  • Producers:Mandava Sai Kumar, Chandra Shekher Mogulla, Srujan Yarabolu
  • Music Director: Radhan
  • Cinematography : Vidyasagar Chinta
  • Editor: Garry Bh


Surya is very unhappy with his life and decides to kill himself. But just before attempting suicide, he sends a message to his own number saying that no one is responsible for his death. However, this message miraculously reaches a girl named Vennela, but in the year 2014.

Surprised by this, Surya starts talking to Vennela over the phone and gradually falls in love with her as time goes by. However, the big challenge is – how can two people living in different time periods and worlds actually meet each other? This forms the crux of the story.

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Although the film was made in 2016, it looks fresh and has good production values. The music is decent, and so is the background score (BGM). The dialogues are good, and the production design is also good. However, the editing could have been better, as the film needs to be trimmed by at least 10 minutes.

Regarding the director Malik Ram, his story is just okay. While the basic premise is good, the storyline and the way he executed the film were dull. A good scene is often ruined by a very predictable and over-dramatic situation.

Overall, Adbhutam has a good premise and a decent first half. The lead actors Teja Sajja and Shivani do well in this film, but a slightly dull second half and the feeling of having seen a similar story before (Deja vu factor) make this film a passable watch this weekend.



What is the release date of the Adbhutham movie?

The movie was released on 19 November 2021

Who directed the Adbhutham movie?

The movie is directed by Mallik Ram

Who are the main actors in the movie of Adbhutham?

‘Adbhutham’ main actors includes Teja Sajja, Shivani Rajashekar, Tulasi

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