Abraham Ozler

Abraham Ozler is an crime drama movie from Malayalam cinema. Midhun Manuel Thomas directed this film and stars includes Jayaram, Mammootty, Anoop Menon, Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Jagadish. This movie released on 11 January 2024.

Randheer Krishnan wrote the screenplay and production work has been handled by Midhun Manuel Thomas himself and Irshad M Hassan under their production house, Neramboku. Additionally, Mammootty makes an appearance in this movie, adding his star power.


MovieAbraham Ozler
Release Date11 January 2024
Star CastMammootty, Jayaram, Anoop Menon, Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Jagadish
GenresCrime, Drama, Thriller
DirectorMidhun Manuel Thomas
MusicMidhun Mukundan
ProducerIrshad M. Hassan, Midhun Manuel Thomas
WriterRandheer Krishnan
CinematographerTheni Eswar
EditorShameer Muhammed
Production CompaniesNerambokku, Manual Movie Makers


The Ozler story is very interesting and story goes to around the Ozler. He is a main character of this movie who feels guilty about something. He visits the people in prison often and has trouble sleeping at night. This suggests he has some serious inner issues that may or may not be connected to something from his past. As the story goes on, we get involved in a case that hasn’t been solved yet. This unsolved case may or may not be related to Ozler’s mysterious past experiences. The whole thing keeps you hooked and wondering what will happen next!

Abraham Ozler


  • Jayaram as ACP Abraham Ozler IPS
  • Mammootty as Dr. Alexander “Alex” Joseph, the Birthday Killer (Extended cameo)
  • Adam Sabiq as Young Alexander, Suja’s boyfriend
  • Anaswara Rajan as Dr. Suja Jayadev, Alexander’s girlfriend
  • Arjun Ashokan as Vineeth
  • Anoop Menon as Dr. Satheesh Madhavan
  • Saiju Kurup as Krishnadas PS, Alexander’s Sidekick
  • Joseph Mathews as Young Krishnadas
  • Arya Salim as SI Divya Sreedharan, Ozler’s subordinate
  • Senthil Krishna as SI Sijo T Venu, Ozler’s subordinate
  • Jagadish as Dr. Xavi Punnoose
  • Shivaraj as Young Xavi
  • Ravi Venkatraman as Selvaraj
  • Dileesh Pothan as Sudhakaran Payyarath / Dr. Alexander Joseph (Fake)
  • Sai Kumar as Counsellor (Cameo)
  • Assim Jamal as DIG Pradeep Rajan IPS
  • Arjun Nandhakumar as Dr. Arun Jayadev, Suja’s younger brother
  • Harikrishnan as Naveen Shivakumar


The music was composed by Midhun Mukundan. The original lyrics were written by Poovachal Khader. “Poomaname” is originally from the 1985 film Nirakkoottu.


With its atmospheric music, taut editing, strong visuals, and talented cast, “Abraham Ozler” seems poised to be an engaging cinematic experience for its audiences and good review or rating received first show of the movie.



When was the Abraham Ozler movie released?

The movie was released on 11 January 2024.

Who directed Abraham Ozler movie ?

The movie directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas

Who are the main actors in Abraham Ozler ?

‘Abraham Ozler’ star cast includes Mammootty, Jayaram, Anoop Menon, Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan and Jagadish.

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