1920: Horrors of the Heart

1920 Horrors of the Heart is an exciting horror movie with an interesting story. The movie shows the great skills of Rahul Dev and Avika Gor. They are the main actors and give charming performances that keep viewers excited and on the edge of their seats.

The director Krishna Bhatt brings the scary and suspenseful story to life. She skillfully creates each scene to make viewers feel afraid and keep them in suspense. The producer Vikram Bhatt is sure that the special effects and production values are excellently done.

It’s worth noting that the screenplay was written by the famous Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. He is known for writing engaging stories. Bhatt’s involvement in the project adds to the anticipation and intrigue about the film.


Movie1920: Horrors of the Heart
LanguageHindi, Telugu, Tamil
Release Date23 June, 2023
Star CastAvika Gor, Rahul Dev, Danish Pandor, Randheer Rai, Ketaki Kulkarni, Amit Behl, Avtar Gill
GenresHorror, Romantic, Thriller
DirectorKrishna Bhatt
ProducerVikram Bhatt
CinematographerPrakash Kutty
MusicPuneet Dixit
WriterMahesh Bhatt
EditorKuldeep Mehan
Production companiesVikram Bhatt Production, Houseful Motion Pictures Private Ltd
Distributed byLaxmi Ganpathy Films


Meghana, played by Avika Gor, finds out the shocking truth – her own mother caused her father’s death. You can imagine how betrayed Meghana must feel. Driven by a strong desire for justice, Meghana decides to get revenge on her mother for betraying her father.

But it’s not just about her dad. Meghana also carries the deep hurt of her mother’s lack of love during her childhood years. That lack of motherly love makes Meghana even more determined to finally confront the woman who gave birth to her.

Keeping a close watch on her mother and sister Aditi, Meghana is also forced to deal with Arjun, which adds more emotional turmoil to her already difficult journey. As the stakes get higher, one big question remains: Will Meghana achieve the justice she so desperately wants?

This exciting premise is at the heart of the story, daring you to look away as it grips you tighter with each intense scene. Get ready to experience every angry, soul-searching moment of Meghana’s quest for justice.

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The scary scenes in the movie “1920: Horrors of the Heart” are really well done. They create a creepy and spooky atmosphere that adds to the overall scary feeling of watching the movie. The emotional scenes towards the end of the film are also great and successfully make you feel moved.

When it comes to the acting, Avika Gor, Rahul Dev, Barkha Bisht, Danish Pandor, Randheer Rai, and Ketaki Kulkarni all do a really nice job. Avika Gor especially shines bright and leaves a lasting impression with her wonderful performance. Rahul Dev, Barkha Bisht, and Danish Pandor play different roles in this horror flick, and they bring those characters to life beautifully.

Barkha Bisht perfectly captures a woman deeply affected and concerned by the creepy events happening around her. She encounters tons of paranormal, spooky stuff. Her presence in those scenes is absolutely terrific and really sells the horror.



What is the release date of 1920: Horrors of the Heart movie?

The movie was released on 23 June 2023.

Who directed 1920: Horrors of the Heart movie?

The movie is directed by Krishna Bhatt.

Who are the main actors in 1920: Horrors of the Heart movie?

‘1920: Horrors of the Heart ’ main actors includes Avika Gor, Rahul Dev, Danish Pandor, Randheer Rai, Ketaki Kulkarni, Amit Behl, Avtar Gill.

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